Our physicians, Dr. Ryan Stratford and Dr. Kelly Kantartzis, have years of medical training dedicated to treating female pelvic floor disorders. They’ve spent residencies training in obstetrics and gynecology, and they’ve completed fellowship training in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery with world-renowned surgeons at top medical institutions.

Dr. StratfordDr. Kantartzis




Our team of specialists includes physicians, nurse practitioners and physical therapists. As a team, we coordinate care to solve both simple and complicated problems that occur in women related to the pelvic floor.

Often women fear speaking about problems with bladder and bowel control or vaginal bulging because they fear that treatment is invasive. There are a myriad of treatments that are very successful that are not invasive or uncomfortable and yet, are life-changing. As a team of specialists, we meet together frequently to work as a team in providing the highest level of care possible.


NP – Nurse Practitioner

Amy An

Amy is a Nurse Practitioner who has devoted her career to Women’s Health. She specializes in management of various pelvic floor disorders and in advanced testing such as urodynamics, anal manometry and ultrasound. She offers patients various treatment options including lifestyle modifications, medications, and pessary management. She also specializes in hormone treatment.


DNP – Nurse Practitioner

Tia Foukas

Tia holds a Doctorate degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She specializes in pelvic floor therapy and advanced testing, primarily urodynamics and anal manometry. She provides patients with treatment options for pelvic floor disorders including pessary management, pharmacotherapy, dietary management, and behavioral modification. Tia specializes in painful bladder pain syndrome and other pelvic pain disorders.


DPT – Physical Therapist

Andrea Levkowitz

Andrea has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and specializes in pelvic floor therapy. Andrea provides patients with non-invasive treatment options, including biofeedback, electrical stimulation, behavioral modification, and therapeutic exercise for pelvic floor musculature. She is uniquely trained in pelvic floor therapy with a deep understanding of the nuances associated with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction.



Office Manager

Laura Tena

Laura’s warm demeanor and smile are disengaging. She has extensive experience in women’s health and cares deeply about patients. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and loves collecting vinyl records.


Financial Assistant

Natalie Wilson

Natalie has many years of experience navigating the challenges of insurance and billing. She is delightful to speak with and very helpful in managing the needs of patients as they work through the challenges of insurance.


Surgery Scheduler

Priscilla Simpson

Priscilla greets every patient with kindness and willingness to help. She has extensive experience in scheduling surgery and working with women to help them find the best timing for surgery. She is a mother of two beautiful children and loves helping women feel appreciated and at ease.


Medical Assistants

Mirlinda, Dailyn and Kirsi

Mirlinda joined The Woman’s Center with great enthusiasm. She has a cheerful disposition and is very helpful.

Dailyn joined The Woman’s Center after years of experience in Los Angeles. She is very kind and warm hearted with tremendous clinical acumen.

Kirsi joined The Woman’s Center out of training and loves to visit with patients and use her engaging smile to cheer everyone up.


Customer Service Assistants

Nancy, Talena and Olivia

Nancy, Talena and Olivia seem to have permanent smiles. They greet everyone who walks in to the office. They are very kind, easy to speak with and very helpful to everyone who comes in with concerns.


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